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Safety Pins Plastic Case (50 Gm) Pack - Assorted Sizes

Safety Pins Plastic Case (50 Gm) Pack - Assorted Sizes

per 50 gm


Product details

Safety Pins In Plastic Container (50 Gm) Pack

  • Ideal for holding together layers of fabric, mending holes and other temporary fixes.
  • Alloy plated steel safety pins.

Introducing the ultimate problem solver for all of your wardrobe malfunctions - Safety Pins Plastic Case (50 Gm) Pack! This set of absolute essentials comes in a durable plastic case that can be easily carried in your purse or stored in your sewing kit.


With 50 grams of high-quality safety pins in multiple sizes, you will never have to worry about a broken bra strap, ripped pant hem, or a loose button again. The plastic case is not only convenient and transparent for easy identification of the size you need, but it also keeps the pins secure and organized, making them easy to find when you need them.


Say goodbye to the frustration of searching through piles of pins and hello to the convenience and ease of the Safety Pins Plastic Case (50 Gm) Pack.


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