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Multicolor Plastic Push Pins In Plastic Case - 100 Pc

Multicolor Plastic Push Pins In Plastic Case - 100 Pc

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Multicolor Push Pins Plastic Case - 100 Pc 


Enhance your organization and bring a burst of color to your workspace with our Multicolor Plastic Push Pins Set. This vibrant collection includes 100 push pins in assorted colors, neatly housed in a convenient plastic case.


Durable and functional, these push pins are designed to add a touch of creativity to your bulletin boards, corkboards, or any organizing surface. The variety of colors allows you to color-code and prioritize your tasks, projects, or notes.


The plastic case not only keeps your push pins organized but also makes them easily accessible whenever you need to pin up important documents, memos, or inspirational images. Compact and portable, this set is perfect for home offices, classrooms, or any space in need of a playful yet practical touch.


Whether you're a student, professional, or anyone in between, our Multicolor Plastic Push Pins Set offers a fun and functional solution for keeping your ideas and reminders securely in place. Elevate your workspace with this delightful set of 100 push pins, each one a tiny burst of creativity waiting to make your day more organized and colorful.


  • Push pins for fastening papers, photos and more to bulletin boards, including cork boards, foam boards or paper boards.
  • Standard size with a strong 3/8-inch ground steel point and a 1/2-inch plastic head for easy insert and removal.
  • Heads come in an assortment of colors for eye-catching appeal.
  • Clear container included for keeping the push pins neatly stored and easy to access.
  • Ideal for office, home, or classroom.


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