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Isometric Dot Papers- A4 Size (Pack of 25 Sheets) 70GSM

Isometric Dot Papers- A4 Size (Pack of 25 Sheets) 70GSM

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Isometric Dot Papers- A4 Size (Pack of 25 Sheets) 70GSM


Introducing our Isometric Dot Papers in A4 size, a must-have for all your creative projects and technical drawings! This pack includes 25 high-quality sheets made from 70GSM paper, perfect for both professionals and hobbyists alike.


Isometric A4 Dot Papers - 29*21.7cm (Pack of 25 Sheets)  - 70GSM.  Isometric dot paper is versatile and useful across many varied disciplines from 3D drawing and doodling to designing quilt patterns, engineering and technical drawings, architectural and interior design, creating mandalas and other geometrical shapes and anything else where perspective is important.


Isometric drawings are very useful for designers – particularly architects, industrial and interior designers and engineers, as they are ideal for visualising rooms, products, and infrastructure. They're a great way to quickly test out different design ideas.


  • Paper Type: Isometric Dot Papers
  • GSM: 70 GSM
  • No. Of Pages: 25 Sheets in One Pack


📍 Each sheet features a precise grid of isometric dots, spaced evenly in a 0.5 cm interval. These dots are strategically placed to create a three-dimensional effect, making it easier to draw accurate and proportional shapes.

📐 Whether you're working on architectural plans, designing intricate patterns, or simply practicing your sketching skills, these dot papers are a versatile tool that will help you achieve precise and consistent results every time.

✏️ The dot grid provides a guide for drawing symmetrical shapes and helps maintain proper dimensions, making it ideal for engineering, geometry, and technical illustrations. It's also great for artists who want to experiment with perspective and create stunning optical illusions.

🎨 The A4 size offers ample workspace for your projects, while the 70GSM paper provides a smooth texture that is compatible with a variety of pens, pencils, and markers. You can confidently unleash your creativity knowing that the ink won't bleed or smudge.

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