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Tracing Butter Papers - A4 Size - Pack of 10 Sheets

Tracing Butter Papers - A4 Size - Pack of 10 Sheets

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Tracing Butter Papers - A4 Size - Pack of 10 Sheets


Tracing Papers are Ideal for pencil, pens and printing. These sheets will not curl like food wrapping or baking paper roll for oven, hence it will save your time and energy. You can use this 10 sheets of paper to trace, print and create beautiful images to give your projects serious life.


It's a high quality tracing paper with good tooth structure, water resistant and acid free. These tracings papers are widely used in the printing industry for ink transfer for gel inks, ink transfer for transfer inks, screen printing inkjet on a variety of textile substrates such as fabrics or paper.


You can also use these tracing papers to practice color painting, or to draw on your next outfit.

  • Also know as Butter papper.
  • Size : 290*210mm / 21.9 *21cm (A4)
  • Premium Quality Tracing Paper : 95 GSM Thickness Paper.
  • Fine qualtiy product ideal for craft, architects, fashion designs as so on.
  • You can write on them with pencils, pens or markers etc.
  • Create eye-catching results with exceptionally clear film. This premium film has a removable sensing stipe and can be used with a printer.
  • Each sheet is specially coated to produce brilliant details. Great for making image reproductions.

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