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Hauser DOKU Glide DX Ball Pen - Blue

Hauser DOKU Glide DX Ball Pen - Blue

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Hauser Doku Glide DX Ball Pen (Blue)


Hauser pens provide great quality and fluency for your writing needs. Its ultra low-viscosity ink is compounded with a durable tip that perfectly complement 


Hauser DokuGlide DX Ball Pen  is economical, dependable, multifunctional, comfortable, and elegant, made with modern chemistry and precision production techniques to provide utmost comfort when writing. 


  • Ball Pen | Tip Size - 0.7 mm | Ink Color - Blue
  • Revolutionary ink that glides on paper
  • Stylish body design makes a statement.
  • 5 Body colors
  • German Technology
  • Glides smoothly.
  • Attractive metal clip.
  • Soft rubber for better & elegant grip.


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