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Double Side Foam Tape - 2Inch Wide - 5mts

Double Side Foam Tape - 2Inch Wide - 5mts

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Double Side Foam Tape - 2Inch Wide - 5mts


Double sided foam tapes can be used to compensate for gaps, bond different substrates and to dampen unwanted noises or vibrations. With varied backing materials and thicknesses, tesa's range of double sided foam adhesive tapes offer high-strength and long-term adhesion for both indoor and outdoor applications.


This double sided foam tapeis designed with total perfection & made from supreme quality material. It is durable in nature & comes with high strength acrylic adhesive and is extremely easy to use as they come in a proper shape. The self adhesive polyethylene foam tape is extremely strong and is budget friendly as well.


  • Sticky on both sides of tape
  • For mounting accessories and spares parts in cars, refrigerators, stationary and houses
  • Ideal for many indoor general purpose mounting & Joining applications
  • Fill gaps on irregular surfaces, distributes stress, seals, cushion, dampens vibrations & resists impact
  • Good elongation property, anti vibrating, strong crack resistance, high resistance to heat , water and moisture, high seal property



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Double Side Foam Tape - 2Inch Wide - 5mts

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