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Target Publication Four Line Notebook - 172 Pages - 24*18cm

Target Publication Four Line Notebook - 172 Pages - 24*18cm

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Target Publication Four Line Notebook - 172 Pages - 24*18cm


Is your little one heading off to school? Be back- to-school ready with Target Publication notebooks for nursery, preschool and kindergarten. Each book is soft bound with a brown cover that has a label according to school standards. The smooth, white pages are four-lined with the classic red and blue colours so your kid develops a neat handwriting in their early years.


They are eco-friendly and free of elemental chlorine. With an index in the first page and fun activities in the back, this set of books is a must-have in your kid's school starter kit.



  • Brand - Target Publications
  • Type - Notebook
  • Age - 3 to 15 Years
  • Material - Paper
  • Number of pages - 172 pages in Each Notebook
  • Binding: Soft Bound
  • Ruling: Four Line


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