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Sparkling Glitter Powder- Golden (10gm Pouch) - Art & Craft

Sparkling Glitter Powder- Golden (10gm Pouch) - Art & Craft

per 10 gm


Product details

Introducing our Sparkling Glitter Powder in Golden, the perfect accessory for all your art and craft projects! This 10gm pouch is filled with fine quality glitter that will add a touch of magic and sparkle to any creation.

✨ Enhance your artworks: Whether you're scrapbooking, card making, or creating dazzling ornaments, our glitter powder will bring your masterpieces to life. The radiant golden color will instantly catch the eye and make your projects stand out.

✨ Easy to use: Our glitter powder is incredibly easy to work with. Simply apply glue to the desired area and sprinkle the glitter evenly for a mesmerizing effect. The fine texture ensures smooth application, and the golden hue creates a rich, glamorous finish.

✨ Versatile applications: This glitter powder is perfect for a wide range of crafts, including home decor, DIY projects, and party decorations. Add a golden touch to gift wrapping, flower arrangements, and even fashion accessories. The possibilities are endless!

✨ Long-lasting brilliance: Our glitter powder is made with premium-quality materials, ensuring that the shimmer lasts. Its durable formula adheres nicely to surfaces, preventing the glitter from flaking off and ensuring your creations retain their brilliance.

✨ Safe and non-toxic: We prioritize your safety,

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