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Apsara Small Colorama 12 Wax Crayons Pack

Apsara Small Colorama 12 Wax Crayons Pack

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Apsara Small Colorama 12 Wax Crayons Pack


Apsara Wax Crayon 12 shades set are rich bright colours. It is made from superior quality material, has a smooth colouring texture and coverage. It is a smudge-free and the perfect primary art tool for children. These are non-toxic and its triangular shape allows tender hands to conveniently grip the crayons. It helps kids in developing colour recognition abilities and eye-hand coordination.

  1. Brand :- APSARA.
  2. Type :- Wax Crayons
  3. Material :- Wax.
  4. Colour :- Assorted.
  5. Feature :- Smooth application, Non-flaking, Bright and Long lasting Colours, Made up of superior quality.
  6. Package Contents :- 12 Pcs of Wax Crayons.
  7. Body Material:- Cardboard.

Bring out the inner artist in you with Small Apsara Wax Crayons! Our colorful pack boasts 12 vibrant shades that will inspire you to create breathtaking masterpieces. Made with high-quality wax, our crayons glide smoothly on paper, leaving behind mesmerizing strokes that are sure to catch the eye. Each crayon is small and compact, making them perfect for small hands or taking on the go. 

Our wax crayons are also non-toxic and safe to use for all ages. Whether you are a beginner or professional artist, Small Apsara Wax Crayons will unleash your creativity with every stroke. From coloring books to school projects to doodles, you won't want to put these crayons down. Conquer the canvas with Small Apsara Wax Crayons and show off your colorful imagination.

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