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Parker Vector Metallix Fountain Pen Refillable Blue

Parker Vector Metallix Fountain Pen Refillable Blue

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Parker Vector Metallix Fountain Pen (Refillable Blue) With Free Blue Quink Ink Bottle.


Introducing the Parker Vector Metallix Fountain Pen, a sleek and stylish writing instrument that effortlessly combines elegance with practicality. Crafted with precision, this refillable pen is designed to make a bold statement.


The Perfect Gift: Practical yet sophisticated, Parker Gift is a perfect present for every gifting occasion. Whether giving to a graduate, thanking a wedding party, or even corporate events, Parker Pen’s delicate and unmistakably classic shape and unique pack featuring the Parker Notebook in a range of exciting colours, with a unique silver Parker logo is surely a remarkable gift for your loved one.

The iridescent blue body of the Metallix Fountain Pen catches the light, reflecting sophistication and personality. With a contemporary design and sturdy construction, this pen ensures a comfortable writing experience that will last.

Enjoy the effortless precision of its stainless steel nib, gliding smoothly across the page, bringing your words to life. Whether you're crafting a letter, taking notes, or unleashing your creativity, the Parker Vector Metallix Fountain Pen is the perfect companion.

Refillable and reliable, this pen is an eco-friendly choice that saves you time and guarantees a lifetime of writing enjoyment. Embrace the power of self-expression, flawlessly embodied in this captivating Parker Vector Metallix Fountain Pen. Elevate your writing experience today.


  • A solid high grade ABS plastic blue color body with glossy finish
  • Parker Vector Mettalix features a stainless steel nib, cap, and trim that add contrast to the colour
  • Parker Vector Metallix Fitted with twin-channelled ink feed and collector system
  • The cap-on/cap-off action enables the swift flow of writing and easy handling of the pen

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