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Navneet Youva Fruit Perfumed Glue Gum Squeezy Tube (18.5ml)

Navneet Youva Fruit Perfumed Glue Gum Squeezy Tube (18.5ml)

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Introducing the Navneet Youva Fruit Perfumed Glue Gum Squeezy Tube (18.5ml)! Get ready to elevate your crafting experience with this innovative and vibrant glue gum.


Youva Perfumed Gum, designed for comfortable handling by children. Special nozzle for easy and better spreading . Dries quickly and bonds paper easily. Best suited for paper craft and project work. Available in 5 fragrances : Orange, Berry, Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon. Non-toxic – Phthalate free (harmless) safe for children.

🔹 Unleash your creativity: This glue gum is perfect for all your craft projects, whether you're working on scrapbooking, card-making, or DIY decorations. It sticks various materials together securely, giving you the freedom to explore your artistic side.

🔹 Fruit perfumed delight: Infused with a delightful fruit fragrance, this glue gum adds a pleasant scent to your crafts, making them even more enjoyable. Say goodbye to the typical chemical smell and say hello to a refreshing fruity aroma.

🔹 Squeezy tube for easy application: The 18.5ml squeezy tube ensures precise control and mess-free application. Simply squeeze the tube gently to dispense the glue gum smoothly, allowing you to apply it exactly where you need it without any hassle.

🔹 Long-lasting and reliable: Designed to provide a strong bond, this glue gum ensures that your creations stay intact for a long time. It dries quickly and remains flexible, allowing you to adjust or reposition your work if needed.

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