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Multicolor Magic Self Sealing Holi 111 Water Balloons Pack

Multicolor Magic Self Sealing Holi 111 Water Balloons Pack

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Get ready to make a splash this Holi with our Multicolor Self Sealing Holi Water Balloons Pack! This pack includes a whopping 111 balloons, ensuring hours of water-filled fun.


Holi Water Balloons 111 in 60 sec. You can fill all balloons in less than a MINUTE. A Revolutionary way to cut out wasted time, frustration and sore fingers by not having to fill and tie Water Balloons one by one Auto- Fill & Tie Feature available. Make this colourful festival more cheerful with this amazing direct to tap water balloons for your kids or your loved ones.

  • Holi Mania in Minutes: Fill & tie 111 Holi water balloons in just 60 seconds with its automatic system! No more sore fingers or wasted time.
  • Massive Multicolor Mayhem: 1 pack (111 balloons!) of vibrant, burst-ready fun in assorted colors. Unleash the rainbow on your Holi friends!
  • Auto-Fill & Tie Magic: Simply attach to a faucet, fill, and let the water balloons tie themselves! Ditch the knots and focus on splashtastic fun.
  • Durable & Leakproof: Made from high-quality latex for optimal water retention and bursting power. Holi memories, not messes!
  • Ultimate Party Starter: Perfect for Holi, pool parties, backyard battles, or any occasion that needs a splash of colorful chaos.
  • Magic balloons are biodegradable and made from recycled materials

🎈 Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional water balloons with our self-sealing technology. Simply fill the balloons with water, tie them up, and they are ready for action. No more struggling with knot tying or wasted time!

🎈 The multicolor assortment adds an extra element of excitement to your Holi celebration. With vibrant shades including red, blue, green, yellow, and more, these balloons will create a stunning visual display when thrown in the air.

🎈 Made from high-quality materials, our water balloons are designed to withstand the pressure of being thrown without bursting too early. You can count on these balloons to hold up during your Holi water fights, ensuring endless laughter and enjoyment.

🎈 Whether you're planning a Holi party, a fun-filled family gathering, or simply want to surprise your friends and loved ones, our Multicolor Self Sealing Holi Water Balloons Pack is the ultimate choice. Break free from mundane water balloons and add a splash of color to your festivities.

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