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Maped Unbreakable Long Study Ruler - 30 cm

Maped Unbreakable Long Study Ruler - 30 cm

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Introducing the Maped Unbreakable Study Ruler (30cm) – the perfect tool for all your measuring needs! Made from durable and flexible materials, this ruler is designed to withstand everyday use and accidental drops without breaking or cracking.


*Colour may vary based on availibility.


The Maped Unbreakable Study Ruler/Scale is a hard plastic ruler that is indestructible. It has measurement on both sides of the ruler, making it perfect for any student or professional. The ruler has a snap-off scale on the back of the ruler. The scale is in centimeters and millimeters, making it great for use in metric countries.

🌟 Features:
- ✨ Unbreakable Construction: The Maped Unbreakable Study Ruler is built to last, ensuring that it will not shatter or snap even under pressure.
- ✨ Accurate Measurements: With clear and precise markings in centimeters, this ruler is ideal for precise measurements in school, office, or home projects.
- ✨ Easy to Grip: The non-slip surface provides a comfortable grip, making it easier to hold and maneuver, ensuring accuracy in every measurement.
- ✨ Versatile Design: This ruler features a dual-sided design, allowing for both left-handed and right-handed users to conveniently measure and draw.

🔍 So whether you're a student, professional, or simply need a reliable ruler for your everyday tasks, the Maped Unbreakable Study Ruler (30cm) is the perfect choice. Invest in quality and durability – get yours today!

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