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Linc Pentonic Multicolor 0.7mm Ball Pen (Pack Of 10)

Linc Pentonic Multicolor 0.7mm Ball Pen (Pack Of 10)

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Linc Pentonic Multicolor 0.7mm  Ball Pen (Pack Of 10)


Pentonic, an offering from the house of Linc, is a celebration of class and ultra-modern writing experience. Pentonic is driven by a culture where innovation and aesthetics goes hand in hand. With imagination at the heart of everything it does, the brand is passionate about every single detail and fashionable along all its contours.


One also expects attractive results on paper when they choose a pen. You don’t need to think twice when it comes to Pentonic. Providing both quality gel pens and ball pens, expect a smooth flow of words alongside an appealing presentation of sentences and paragraphs on paper with Linc Pentonic ball and gel pens.



  • 0.7 mm tip size
  • Black Body, Multicolor Ink, Blister Pack of 10
  • Easy flow Ink Technology.
  • Sleek Matte Finish
  • Featherlite feel
  • Black Body, Multicolor Ink(Black, Red, Green, Pink, Turquoise Blue, Orange, Blue, Brown, Purple, Lime Green), Pack of 10
  • Blue, Black & Red ink colours tip size is 0.7 mm. Rest of the ink colours tip size is 1.0mm.
  • Constantly sharp pen line is maintained from first stroke to last.
  • Super long lasting ink, Nickel Silver tip.


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