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Unique Invisible Magic Ink Pen With UV Light

Unique Invisible Magic Ink Pen With UV Light

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Unique Invisible Magic Ink Pen With UV Light


Write your secret message and wait for few seconds. Shine the light from the cover of the pen and reveal the mystery of the secret message. Kids will love using this kind of pen to play detective spy games. It brings an amazing variety of fun activities. From surprise birthday parties, to reviling a top secret message to their parents or grandparents.



  • Helps you write your secret message.
  • Once your secret message has been written with this invisible ink pen, shine the built-in UV light from the pen's cover and reveal the secret message.
  • Truly invisible to the naked eyes to keep your secret and mark your personal items.
  • Can be used on any surface like t-shirts, paper, skin and much more.
  • Ideal for a variety of fun activities such as party favour, treasure hunt, escape room party, birthday party, detective spy games, scavenger hunt, class breakout and so on
  • Perfect goodie bag fillers for New Year's Day, Easter Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas's Day and other parties


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