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Flair Creative Insta Stationery Kit - Pack Of 5 Items

Flair Creative Insta Stationery Kit - Pack Of 5 Items

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Flair Creative Insta Stationery Kit - Pack Of 5 Items


Pack contains : 2 N Flair Wooden Pencil, 1N Flair Plastic Scale(15cm), 1N Flair Eraser, 1N Flair Sharpener


Introducing the Flair Creative Insta Stationery Kit - a must-have for all stationery enthusiasts! This pack of 5 items is perfect for unleashing your creativity and adding flair to your everyday tasks. 🎨✨

Included in this kit is a vibrant and stylish notebook, featuring a stunning cover design that is sure to inspire you. Whether you're jotting down your thoughts, doodling, or planning your next project, this notebook will be your trusted companion.

The set also contains a set of colorful gel pens, letting you add a burst of color to your writing or drawings. With smooth ink flow and a comfortable grip, these pens make it easy to create stunning designs.

To keep your stationery organized, we've included a handy pencil case. This case is not only practical but also visually appealing, with its trendy pattern and spacious compartments for all your essentials.

In addition, you'll find a set of cute and charming sticky notes in various shapes and sizes. Perfect for marking important pages, leaving messages, or simply brightening up your workspace, these sticky notes are a fun and useful addition to your stationery collection.

Last but not least, the kit includes a set of decorative washi tapes that will add a touch of creativity to your journaling

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