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Fevicryl Neon Acrylic Colour Kit 4 Shades - 15 ml Each

Fevicryl Neon Acrylic Colour Kit 4 Shades - 15 ml Each

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Multiple Surfaces, mix these paints on a medium of your choice and use on various surfaces. From paper, earthenware, glass, and wood - your options are endless. You can use these to paint terracotta and even coasters too! Vibrant and Colourful, Neon acrylic paints are more robust, radiant, and versatile than traditional acrylics. 

The different colours let you experiment with various artistic styles and create truly unique art. For mix-media artists, tired of sticking to one media and use multiple media? These paints are terrific for mixed media art and fill your works with a splash of life! With One-Stroke Painting, create texture paintings and artwork with just a single stroke. 

The colours leave behind a long-lasting sheen after you are finished. Washable and Non-Toxic, Cleaning up after your work's done is made easy. Since these paints are washable, you can safely use them whenever you want. 

Colours: Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Green (15ml Bottle Each Colour)

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