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Faber Castell Water Colour Pencils - 24 Shades

Faber Castell Water Colour Pencils - 24 Shades

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Faber Castell Water  Colour Pencils - 24 Shades


Faber Castell's watercolour pencils are a great choice for artists who enjoy drawing with pencils. The pencils come in 24 different shades, and the pencils themselves are sturdy and comfortable to hold. With a little bit of water, these pencils will produce beautiful colours and shading, and you can create a variety of textures and finishes. The pencils also come with a sharpener, so you'll never have to worry about running out of lead



  • Best of water color pencils with smooth color rich leads & special bonding that offers good sharpenability & high break resistance.
  • Phthalate free lacquer on our pencils makes it safe for children. Reduced lead breakage due to a special bonding process.
  • Soft lead-no pressure required for coloring. Even lead stroke-non scratchy.
  • Rich, smooth & easy spread provides good coverage.
  • Highly light fast-does not fade when exposed to sunlight.
  • Color pencils with ergonomic triangular shape
  • Brilliant colors soft color laydown
  • With name panel included sharpener
  • Break-resistant lead due to secural bonding process (SV)
  • Washes out of most fabrics
  • Wood from certified sustainable forestry
  • Brand quality at a good price

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