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Faber Castell Mathematical Drawing Instrument Set

Faber Castell Mathematical Drawing Instrument Set

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Introducing the Faber Castell Mathematical Drawing Instrument Set! This set is perfect for anyone who loves precision and accuracy in their mathematical drawings. With this set, you can create professional-quality diagrams and graphs with ease.

📐 The set includes a 45° set square, which is ideal for drawing perpendicular and diagonal lines with precision. Whether you're working on geometry or trigonometry problems, this set square will be your go-to tool.

📐 Additionally, the set also includes a 60° set square, which is essential for drawing equilateral triangles and other geometric shapes. This versatile tool will help you create symmetrical designs with ease.

📏 The set also comes with a 15cm scale, allowing you to accurately measure distances on your drawings. This durable and reliable scale will ensure that your measurements are precise and error-free.

📐 Lastly, the set includes a 180° protractor, which is an essential tool for measuring and drawing angles. Whether you're working on circular or angular measurements, this protractor will make your calculations a breeze.

➕ In addition to the main tools, this set also includes a sturdy case for convenient storage and transportation. The case ensures that all your drawing instruments are well-protected and easily accessible whenever

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