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Faber Castell Connector Sketch Pens (10 Shades)

Faber Castell Connector Sketch Pens (10 Shades)

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Faber Castell Connector Sketch Pens (10 Shades)


Introducing the Faber Castell Connector Sketch Pens, a must-have for every artist and creative enthusiast! This set includes 10 vibrant shades that will unleash your imagination and bring your artwork to life. 



  • Brand - Faber Castell
  • Type - Connector Sketch Pens

Key Features

  • Sketch pens that clip together.
  • Colours are completely washable
  • Contains 40% more ink and lasts longer
  • Child safe Food grade ink
  • Ventilated caps which are child safe
  • Click seal cap which prevents drying
  • Medium point tip for good ink flow


🌈 Experience the smooth and consistent flow of ink as you glide these pens across your canvas. The high-quality pigments ensure rich and vibrant colors that will make your creations stand out. 

💡 The unique feature of these sketch pens is their ability to be connected, allowing you to arrange and organize them in any way you like. With their easy-to-use connector caps, you can keep them together, preventing any misplacing or loss.

✍️ Whether you're sketching, coloring, or writing, these pens provide precision and control. The versatile tip allows you to switch effortlessly between broad strokes and fine details, giving you the flexibility to express your creativity with ease.

💧 Clean-up is a breeze with the Faber Castell Connector Sketch Pens. Simply rinse the caps and the pens in water to remove any dried ink residue. This makes them perfect for on-the-go artists or for those who dislike the hassle of cleaning up after their artistic sessions.

🎨 Add a burst of color to your everyday life, whether it's for school projects, adult coloring

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