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Ekta's The Classical Magic Show Kit - 81 Tricks

Ekta's The Classical Magic Show Kit - 81 Tricks

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Ekta Classical Magic Show Kit (81 Tricks) - Magic Trunk box of 81 mystifying magic Tricks has been carefully prepared & Make you a little magician.


Ekta The Classical Magic Show You are about to enjoy yet one more quality product from EKTA a fascinating magician's kit, with instructions and accessories necessary for performing 81 tricks. People have always been fascinated and amused by the world of magic, and real magicians know how to astonish their audience.


Actually, magician's secrets are all a question of skill, sleight of hand and the ability to present their tricks with a sense of drama. If you follow the enclosed instructions carefully, practice each trick thoroughly and keep to all the rules of the games you will be certain of performing the tricks successfully and will have the satisfaction of performing them well. Some tricks are slightly more difficult and will require some practice and need some special skills such as good memory. 



Key Features:

  • A fascinating magician's kit with instruction and accessories for performing 150 tricks fantastic magic trick set. 
  • Improve their confidence and fine motor skills as they amaze their family and friends with exciting tricks and illusions. 
  • A Race to become the world's greatest magician, You can Perform most of these skills without requiring hours of practice or exceptional skills. 
  • Includes 81 mystifying magic tricks, a magic wand instruction book.

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