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DOMS Modelling Clay Dough Car Shape - 8 Shades

DOMS Modelling Clay Dough Car Shape - 8 Shades

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DOMS Modelling Clay Dough Car Shape - 8 Shades


Unleash your creativity with DOMS Modelling Clay Dough Car Shape! This incredible set includes 8 vibrant shades that will bring your imagination to life. Mold and shape the clay into your very own fleet of cars, allowing you to explore endless possibilities.


Doms Modelling Clay is super soft and easily kneaded with fingers that enable sharp minds to build hand-dye coordination and fine motor skills. It does not dry or shrink and is suitable for multitude of uses for any age.


Perfect for both children and adults, this clay is soft and easy to manipulate, making it a breeze to create intricate details and textures. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, this set is sure to inspire your artistic journey.


Let your creativity take you on a joyride as you fashion your own colorful car collection. With DOMS Modelling Clay Dough Car Shape, the road to artistic expression has never been more thrilling!


Available in 8 Shades with Superior modelling quality and specially designed Boulder toys help little ones develop creative thinking skills and shape their imagination.

  • Country of Origin : India
  • Weight: 100gms
  • 8 Shades of Clay
  • Non Toxic & Gluten Free 





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