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Multicolor Paper Clips 28mm Plastic Case (50Pc)

Multicolor Paper Clips 28mm Plastic Case (50Pc)

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Multicolor Paper Clips 28mm Plastic Case (50pc)


Multi Purpose: Not only can be used to clip office, school &daily file documents, but also can be used as DIY, bookmarks, photo album clips, business card holders and envelope clips.

  • Multicolour Paper Clip, Superior Grip and Lock Box Packing
  • Good Quality, Light Colours and Non Toxic
  • Soft & Flexible and Compact Packing
  • Clip Size [ Each ] : 28mm
  • No of Pin:- 50 Pins

Our Multicolor Paper Clips 28mm are the perfect addition to your office or classroom! Spruce up your notes and documents with these trendy clips that come in an array of vibrant colors. 


Whether you need a subtle metallic finish or an eye-catching neon shade, we've got you covered. These clips are not only stylish but also strong and durable, ensuring that your papers stay organized and in place.


The 28mm size is just right for handling multiple sheets without getting bulky, allowing you to stack and store with ease. With a smooth finish, these clips won't snag or tear your papers, and they even make a great tool for marking your page in your planner or journal. Bring some color and fun to your workday with our Multicolor Paper Clips 28mm!

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