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Classmate Hook 0.7mm Ball Pen - Blue/Black

Classmate Hook 0.7mm Ball Pen - Blue/Black

Colour: Blue

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Product details

Introducing the Classmate Hook 0.7mm Ball Pen in the vibrant color of blue! This pen is designed to enhance your writing experience with its smooth and precise ink flow. Whether you're taking notes in class, signing important documents, or jotting down your thoughts, this ball pen is the perfect companion.

🖊️ The 0.7mm tip allows for effortless writing, ensuring neat and clear lines every time.
🖊️ The blue ink adds a touch of elegance to your writing, making it stand out on paper.
🖊️ Ergonomically designed, this pen provides a comfortable grip for long writing sessions without causing any hand fatigue.
🖊️ The hook feature of this pen prevents accidental ink stains and makes it convenient to carry around.
🖊️ With its high-quality construction, this ball pen is durable and long-lasting, making it a reliable choice for everyday writing needs.


  • Premium matte finish for a sophisticated look
  • Unique industry 1st clip design that allows you to 'hook' your pen anywhere
  • Can be easily attached to your bag zip, id card, trouser loop, etc. for easy access
  • With a 0.7mm tip, these pens provide smooth and effortless writing experience, making them ideal for everyday use.
  • Textured and comfortable grip for a super grasp, allowing for better control and precision while writing.

Upgrade your writing arsenal with the Classmate Hook 0.7mm Ball Pen in blue. 🖊️✨ Experience the joy of smooth writing and impeccable precision with every stroke. 💙

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