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Camlin Charcoal Pencils (Soft/Medium/Hard) - Pack Of 3

Camlin Charcoal Pencils (Soft/Medium/Hard) - Pack Of 3

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Camlin Charcoal Pencils (Soft/Medium/Hard) - Pack Of 3


The Camlin Charcoal Pencil Set comes in 3 assorted grades - soft, medium and hard. It delivers the best result on drawing paper, sketching papers, textured paper, smooth tinted paper and canvas.


Introducing the Camlin Charcoal Pencils Pack of 3, a must-have for every artist and illustrator. These high-quality pencils come in three variations - Soft, Medium, and Hard - allowing you to effortlessly create stunning charcoal drawings with different levels of depth and texture.

🖍️ The Soft charcoal pencil is perfect for creating bold, rich tones and smooth shading. With its velvety texture, it effortlessly glides over the paper, making it ideal for creating dramatic contrasts and capturing intricate details.

🖍️ The Medium charcoal pencil strikes the perfect balance between softness and hardness. It enables you to achieve a wide range of tones, from subtle light gradients to intense dark shadows. It offers great control and is suitable for both sketching and blending techniques.

🖍️ The Hard charcoal pencil is fantastic for achieving precise lines, fine details, and crisp edges. It allows you to add intricate textures and highlights to your artwork, making it an essential tool for meticulous artists who focus on intricate patterns and realistic drawings.

With their high-quality composition, these Camlin Charcoal Pencils ensure smooth and consistent strokes, giving your artwork a professional touch. They are ideal for sketching, figure drawing, portrait work, and still life.

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