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Big Multicolor Ice Cream Sticks For DIY Crafts (Pack of 50)

Big Multicolor Ice Cream Sticks For DIY Crafts (Pack of 50)

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Introducing our Big Multicolor Ice Cream Sticks for DIY Crafts! These high-quality sticks are perfect for unleashing your creativity and adding a colorful twist to your craft projects. Each pack contains 50 sticks in a variety of vibrant colors, allowing you to create endless possibilities.

🌈 Let your imagination run wild with these big multicolor ice cream sticks! 🎨

✨ Made from durable and eco-friendly materials, these sticks are safe to use and ideal for both kids and adults. They are smooth and splinter-free, making them easy to handle and perfect for any DIY craft project.

✨ Whether you’re creating personalized ornaments, designing unique photo frames, or building miniature houses, these sticks are a must-have. With their bright colors, they bring a touch of whimsy and fun to your creations.

✨ From simple afternoon crafts to elaborate art pieces, these sticks provide endless opportunities for crafting enthusiasts. They are also great for school projects, summer camps, and party decorations.

✨ The pack includes 50 sticks, so you can let your imagination soar without worrying about running out of supplies. The sticks are the perfect size for various crafts and can be easily glued together or manipulated to create any shape you desire.

  • Made with premium quality wood.
  • Used in various DIY crafts such as for making Pen stands, Photo frames, Project work etc.
  • Skill set Creativity and imagination, Sensory development and pattern recognition.
  • Package contains: 50 wooden sticks..


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